Saturday, December 26, 2009

Making Vintage Cuffs

We ended up getting 18 1/2 inches of snow this Christmas. No travel was advised and interstates were closed down. There was no getting anywhere. So I decided to work on some vintage cuffs to keep me entertained. I've been wanting to make some, so now was the right time.

Today Bryan went to snow blow out our driveway. It took him 2 1/2 hours...the snow is so high. I can't believe what a mess it has made. I'm so ready to get out of the house, but the roads are not that inside I stay.

McKale got tons of fun toys for Christmas, but what is his favorite? Strings I already had...taped to the coffee table. It's been keeping him entertained this whole weekend. He also loves the shoebox dad's present came in and my water bottles. I should of just saved my money. Kids are so funny!

The kids got a Wii this year...and they are having so much fun with that. They all had a fun Christmas...and now we'll see if mom can make it with all the kids home for another week. Trapped in the house none the less with tons of snow! LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. I'm spending a cold, snowy morning surfing blogs and I came across yours. I had to laugh about the strange things kids want to play with. Our Grandson received tons of expensive toys and his favorite was a $2.00 set of maracas. Shaka-shaka is his favorite word right now. Aren't they fun?

  2. you are SNOW funny...hahahaha. see, i was there 2 weeks ago!! 20" of snow and nowhere to go but 3 less kids, so you win. ugh....hang in there cuz those CUFFS ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE. i love them.
    right...arek got a wii and zoey got a million ponies and both of them follow me to my craftroom and want to dig thru old buttons. should have saved money and gave them my old buttons. lol.
    happy snow days lady. enjoying those crafts...keep them coming. they are great!!
    happy new year...

  3. Those cuffs are pretty. I think I'd need the tattoo to go along with one though, what a cute mix!!!

  4. Hi Rachel~where do I start...I love your goodies at your booth. Gorgeous stuff there. And your children are darling, especially the "Smiling Baby" ;) Your lace cuff is really neat and i like your rose tat under it.
    Love your wonderful pictures...I'll be back.
    Oh, this is my first White Wednesday and that's how I found your blog.