Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My little Princess and Prince

I had a visit this past week from my sister Katt and niece Vaedah. They came from Indianapolis, Indiana where my sister goes to art school. She is studying fashion design and enjoying it very much. I got to watch Vaedah over the weekend and will get her back this weekend to watch her for another week. We have had fun shopping for dresses and painting fingernails/toenails a pretty pink color. I wanted to show a cute picture of her being a sleeping princess. She is such a pretty girl. I will post more pictures of her later.
McKale is growing so fast. He is so alert and loves to smile and coo. I am realizing that he looks alot like me.
Hayden turns 7 on the 5th of July. How time flies! Our family wishes you all a Happy and safe 4th of July!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barb's Shabby Cottage Deck

I have this really awesome junkin' friend named Barb who likes the same kind of stuff I do. We always have a good time looking for treasures. Her apartment is so cute and her deck outside is to die for. It's a private little oasis for her that she enjoys so much. I also love going over there to enjoy it. I thought it was about time to share pictures of her little "haven".

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Cute Dolls!

So, I still haven't been doing much lately. The house is always a disaster with the boys home. I'd love to take pictures and show stuff off, but with the mess it's not really working. We finally had a nice hot day today, so the kids could go out and swim. They've been off school for 4 weeks and it's been gloomy or rainy, or both. We were glad for the sunshine today.
I wanted to show a picture of some cute dolls I found this spring at the Goodwill. They were 50 cents each. I saw one similar at a antique store for $34! As if...I would never pay that! I love these little dolls...they are just adorable, and I put them each in a sugar container with roses on them. They were missing lids...so why not? And of course I included a new photo of the cutest doll of all...McKale!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Helping at Tesa's Cottage

My friend Tesa is opening a shop soon in Viborg, SD, so I spent Saturday helping her do some work. I love doing displays, so I dug through all her treasures and went wild. I did a shabby chic/cottage style area. I had so much fun and was very tired that night. I'm sharing some pictures of what I did that day. Enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Outside Decor and McKale

It's been a crazy week with kids...I'm exhausted and plain worn out. Having 5 kids is hard work! LOL McKale is growing fast and I wanted to include a new picture of him wide awake. Such changes in 7 weeks. Yep, he's 7 weeks today!
I had a little time to junk last night. I went to a few thrift stores. I found a set of 4 white and somewhat chippy shutters. They were $2.99 for the set of 4. I can't beat that price. One set I'm keeping and the other set will go to the shop. I found some garden gnomes to sell. They're not my thing, but I know some people really like them. I also found a iron candle thingy that's unique (and heavy). That will get painted white and probably go out on my back deck. I also found the sweetest girls dress in the Goodwill bin. It is from the early 1900's and so darling! And at $1.30 very affordable. I also hit a few garage sales today, but mostly kid junk. Something I don't need more of!!!!!!
I'm slowly working on my outside deck to make it a small oasis for me to enjoy. I'm including some pictures...not quite done, but getting there. I found the awesome doors and green shutter screen at a garage sale last weekend. It was $25 for the set of doors (came out of a bar) and $12 for the screen. I think I got a good deal...the doors are so unique and have a hint of green coming out from the chippy cream paint on top.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chalkboards and some whimsy

I've been keeping busy with the boys home on summer break. Hayden started summer school this week (3 days a week/mornings). It's good for him...he needs the structure. Other then that I haven't had too much time to do creative things. I have made 2 chalkboards this week. They sell well at the shop, so I just keep making them. One of the chalkboards I made is almost 5 feet tall. It's a one of a kind piece with an ornate frame I painted white and distressed. I also recently made myself a chalkboard for my kitchen. They are always fun to have around the house. I'm also including some photos of fun and whimsical things around my house. Have a good week everyone!