Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decorating and Handmade Ornaments

Sorry about the long time in between posts. I have been under the weather lately. I slept almost all day Thanksgiving. We didn't have company, so my husband cooked a roast and I slept. I've also been super busy at the shop. I've had to go 3 times in a week to fill and work on displaying. I've been selling it keeps me busy. I also had a chance to get out and go to my favorite antique store in Canton, SD. I just bought some dollar items. I will show you what I did with them in this post. (Christmas Ornaments)

McKale has also decided to be up for the past 2 weeks almost all night, every night. I can't tell you how tired I am. He is finally getting a third tooth, so I think that is the problem. All that fuss for one tooth. Yikes!

I wanted to show a few pics of my house. I have a growing collection of pink and white Christmas trees. I have 3 ceramic pink trees, 3 pink trees I've made, one white feather tree and one ceramic white tree. I also found the cutest framed tree made by a child. Had to get sweet and blends in nice with my collection! The next picture is my hutch in my kitchen/dining area. I filled jars with old ornies that I've had forever and never done anything with. The plate rack in the backgound is something my husand made out of a small piece of door and garden fencing. I love it! He is so handy and I LOVE HIM FOR IT! The next three pics are of ornaments I've been making. The mitten is batting and ticking sewn into mittens then glittered. I made 20 of them (remember now...I sew by hand!) The other is an altered stocking....I made 12 of them last year for my tree. The last is the item I bought at The Painted Lady in Canton. I bought 10 small cake tins in the shape of stars for $2.00. I put vintage sheet music in the middle...glittered them and then put tinsel around the outside of the music. I love how they turned out. can see why I haven't blogged...being sick and working on projects and the shop....and busy! God Bless your something nice for someone this week. Bless their socks off!
I still have some kittens listed in my etsy shop and an awesome necklace! If you want unique gifts this just might be it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautiful Altered Ice Skates and Sweater Trees

Did I have a fun time last night. After seeing a pair of altered skates on, I had to go make some too! They had their Holiday Open house pictures on their blog. I always enlarge the pictures because their is so much beautiful eye candy. I love the ideas and no doubt that is one of my favorite blogs. I went to the Goodwill last night and picked out the oldest (vintage) skates I could find. I found one vintage pair. The eyelets to lace the skates were even rusty and perfect. The other pair were newer, but in rough shape. Out with the lace and odds and ends and away I went. These are what transpired! I also have been working on pink sweater trees. My pictures don't do them justice as they are all glittered and you can't tell on my pics. Hoping you have a week of inspired creativity!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pretty White Wednesday!

Running on very little sleep. I have one spoiled baby. Since he is my last baby I have been letting him sleep on me at night...and morning...and he doesn't want to sleep in his crib! I'm afraid he's a late night owl like me! I've wanted to get on a better schedule for the both of us, but he is making it hard!

I've been working on some fun Christmas trees made of cones and sweater material. If you want a visual then go to That is where I got the idea. I will post pics later when mine are all finished!

Some random white Wednesday photos from around my house...Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White Wednesday

A little gloomy and dark here today. The kids are home from school (2nd day in a row), and I'm really in need of a break. I wish I could go junkin.

Just wanted to share my white Wednesday pics with you. I have posted my first pic as a space in my living room. I love my favorite piece. I have a picture of a trike I spray painted white and added a basket and florals. I have a pic of the table next to my bed. The last picture is of a time I was set up at the flea market. This week I've been working on painting things the process of making a chalkboard and painting some frames of a lovely set of floral prints I found. I should be making it to the shop soon to set up my Christmas decorations. If you live in the area the shop I'm at is: Cliff Ave. Flea Vendors/Flea Market, 3515 North Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls, SD (I'm dealer #99). They are open every day of the week (MON-SAT 10 am- 5pm) and (SUN 1-5 pm).

Thanks for stopping today!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

McKale the Cutie!

Just wanted to share this picture of McKale...what a cutie! See you tomorrow for white Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

White Wednesday

I am sharing photos today of more white pretties around my house. I love the time worn look of old things chippy. If it isn't white then I paint it white.
I also am sharing a photo of some small stockings I am working for to take the shop for my Christmas decor.
I listed a bunch of awesome vintage clothes in my Etsy store. I listed a few fun things on eBay too. My user name is chippy*cottage*charm.
Have a good week everyone!