Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautiful Altered Ice Skates and Sweater Trees

Did I have a fun time last night. After seeing a pair of altered skates on, I had to go make some too! They had their Holiday Open house pictures on their blog. I always enlarge the pictures because their is so much beautiful eye candy. I love the ideas and no doubt that is one of my favorite blogs. I went to the Goodwill last night and picked out the oldest (vintage) skates I could find. I found one vintage pair. The eyelets to lace the skates were even rusty and perfect. The other pair were newer, but in rough shape. Out with the lace and odds and ends and away I went. These are what transpired! I also have been working on pink sweater trees. My pictures don't do them justice as they are all glittered and you can't tell on my pics. Hoping you have a week of inspired creativity!


  1. Awwwwww... I just love the skates!! I have never seen vintage skates done up with lace!! I Love Them!! What a great job!
    Have a Wonderful Evening!

  2. very sweet! i would love to ware them on the ice.

  3. These two projects are gorgeous.....very inspiring!!!
    Happy day.

  4. girl.....YOU ROCK. i found a pair of skates for 10cents at the mission store a couple of weeks ago and i was going to ditty them up. you have inspired me!!!! and those are the goddess of craft.

  5. The skates and trees are great! I may have to get my skates from the attic and dress them up a bit. Glad our show inspired you and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Martha

  6. Hi! I just found you through my friend Sarah's blog (My So Called Junky Life). I too have five little boys :) I love these altered skates, sooo pretty!!

  7. hi rachel!

    i met you yesterday in canton :-) love your blog/projects...i will have to spend some time going back thru the archives.

    i can see we have many of the same fascinations :)

    i am amazed that you have 5 kids! i seriously thought you were 25 or so!!!

    here's my little blog - very random in nature -

    nice meeting you! i will probably stop by your booth on cliff this weekend...have a wonderful day.

  8. I've never seen anything like that before. They make me want to put on some cute frilly clothing and go skating!