Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Christmas Decor!

We had our Holiday Occasional sale last weekend. Things went really well. I made a new friend who makes the cutest owl hats/scarfs, t shirt scarfs, purses,etc. I got to trade a few things with her. That's always fun...bartering! I've been trying to relax a little this week. McKale is still getting up at night. I think alot of it has to do with not eating enough during the day. He still likes his bottle too much. I only give him milk when he gets up and before bed. During the day he gets water. He's so picky and won't eat much. He is driving us nuts with his pickiness. LOL
I wanted to post some more pictures of Christmas decor around the house. I made 5 different stockings last night. I wanted to share one of those with you. So much for relaxing right? I had the urge to sew yesterday. so I decided to make new stockings this year! I'm also trying to finish up my Christmas many to buy little time...and too cold! We had a storm yesterday and were stuck in the house, so tonight I braved the cold to get some more done.
Tomorrow is my son Westin's 7th birthday. Time goes so fast. He is such a sweetie and we love him so much!