Thursday, April 29, 2010

Antique Quilt and Wedding Veils

I guess today was my lucky day. I had to go to the shop to pick up some stuff I wanted to take to the flea market this weekend (to sell). I stopped at a thrift store and found two really old, almost antique wedding veils. The first one is from the 1920's...I just watched a movie the other night and saw a wedding veil like this. Who knew a few days later I would find one? It's so beautiful. The next must be from the 1930's or 40's. This one has little millinery flowers on it. It's so pretty also! I went up to the shop and one dealer had this quilt for sale. His stuff is always so cheap and I find lots of treasures in his booth. This is going to the flea market this weekend too. This is all done by hand. Can you imagine? Lots of work!
I better get to it. I have so much to do to get ready for this sale. Lots of pricing and etc. Plus my house is a mess and I need to pick it up a bit. I am so tired! Hopefully next week I can get some rest! LOL

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Friend's Shabby Cottage Deck

Last year I did a post of my friend Barb's shabby chic deck. Since I have so many new followers I thought I'd do a repost and show you how awesome it is. I'm so jealous of this space. I wish I had it. I tried last year to replicate something like it and I just don't have enough stuff right now (or money!) Maybe someday I will be able to have a space like this! She has great taste and always finds the best stuff for little to no money! Her apartment is so neat too. One of these days I'm hoping to take pictures of that and post about it.
I'm busy getting ready for this weekends flea market. (Benson's Flea Market at the Sioux Falls Fair Grounds.) It's the last until September. I'm also doing a show near here in Brandon, SD. It's called Fest in the Nest and it will be June 5th. Save that date (if you're in the area), and I will post more details soon! It should be a fun show! Have a great week everyone. Off to bathe McKale, sweep and mop, and etc, etc. LOL

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm really here

Sorry I've been gone and haven't posted. I've been in a little bit of a funk lately. My husband is gone for 3 days and I'm in kid land with no grown ups to play with! LOL
I got busy yesterday and did something creative. I decided to make one of my "Pretty Kitties" and list it on Etsy. I make these all by sewing machine, so they take a little while!
Hope everyone is having a great week and I hope to be back soon with pretty pictures for all to enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Stuffed Kitten in Ladies Home Journal

A year ago I found an awesome charity called Enchanted Makeovers. I loved what they were doing and decided to do what I could to help. Last year I made 20 hand sewn kittens for a girls home makeover that they were doing. They wanted to put one on each bed for the girls that live there. The founder Terry Grahl had a photo shoot with Ladies Home Journal. She was photographed sitting on one of the girls beds and my kitten made the shot. How cool is that? If anyone is interested it is the May issue with Kirsty Alley on front, and it's featured on page 60. I feel very blessed indeed. If you can please check out the Enchanted Makeovers website to see what you can do. I also have a very dear friend who started a non profit for abused children and they are looking for help. Check out these two websites: (Enchanted Makeovers) (Project Night Light)

We all can make a difference...every little bit helps these great organizations!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Magical Table Scape Event

Today was my table scape charity event. I set up last night at the Country Club in town. This event was to raise money for Children's Care School and Hospital. We have a son with autism, so this is something I really wanted to help raise money for!
I had fun with this was called, "Magical Garden Party." I used mix and match china, potted plants, a old white chippy grate, an old piece of rusty/white garden fence, vintage flower print, birds, flower frogs, a chippy white hose holder, and pretty linens. I also made altered art pieces and made paper flowers. I used 6 mix and match pillow cases for slipcovers on the chair backs. I tied tulle around them and inserted the paper flowers inside the tulle. I was alot of fun...I can't wait to do next years table! A whole year to think it over!
Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone. Just putting on the finishing touches for my decorations for the charity brunch event that I set up for tomorrow. I am so excited! I just keep coming up with ideas and should stop. But little details mean so much to it's hard not to do it!
I wanted to show you a few pictures from my front yard. I can't wait till I can do more. The plants on the chair are going on my table scape. I thought it would be more fitting to use garden plants. Then when I'm done I can use them outside. Makes more sense to do that then to buy a flower arrangement that will die!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Magical Garden Party Tablescape

In a previous post I mentioned that I am doing a table scape for a charity brunch event. It is this coming Saturday, so I wanted to practice a little before the event. I will have a different shaped table with 8 more inches, but this is the general idea and I can add in a few more little things like some fresh garden flowers in little pots.
I made napkin holders with green springs that I just recently received in a junk swap I did. I tied them with creamy white lace and inserted a little "welcome" sign in the spring. I like the way they turned out. I also made paper flowers to insert in the napkin with the silverware!
The theme for my table is "Magical Garden Party". I made little art fairies to put on the plates with little cloches to cover them. They are so darling! I am so excited for this fun little brunch event!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shabby Bathroom Remodel

My husband was busy at work remodeling our bathroom this past holiday weekend. I didn't take before shots of my bathroom, but I will tell you it was bad. Our house was built about 1985, so it was standard boring, cheap 80's stuff. My husband replaced flooring, painted, replaced the lighting, and put a brand new vanity and sink in. I don't have it completely decorated, but wanted to show you how nice it turned out. Now we only have our kitchen, basement and downstairs bathroom to remodel. LOL Never seems the kids destroy one project for us once we start another!
I spent all day yesterday organizing my inventory in the garage. What a feat! It will stink when I start pulling out my project pieces to paint...then it will be a mess again! Never ending too!
Next post I will tell you about the April fools prank we pull on our kids every year!