Monday, April 5, 2010

Shabby Bathroom Remodel

My husband was busy at work remodeling our bathroom this past holiday weekend. I didn't take before shots of my bathroom, but I will tell you it was bad. Our house was built about 1985, so it was standard boring, cheap 80's stuff. My husband replaced flooring, painted, replaced the lighting, and put a brand new vanity and sink in. I don't have it completely decorated, but wanted to show you how nice it turned out. Now we only have our kitchen, basement and downstairs bathroom to remodel. LOL Never seems the kids destroy one project for us once we start another!
I spent all day yesterday organizing my inventory in the garage. What a feat! It will stink when I start pulling out my project pieces to paint...then it will be a mess again! Never ending too!
Next post I will tell you about the April fools prank we pull on our kids every year!


    (did you do the lollipop tree for April 1st again...THAT IS MY MOST FAVORITE STORY from you)
    Hugs, Amy

  2. i don't know how you get it all done??? you and your husband must have ENDLESS energy. wow. i love the redo. looks amazing. my house is messy all the time and what can you do with on post housing? nothing. you get what you get. lol.
    good luck with the garage!! can't wait to see the project unfold!!
    take care...s

  3. That is beautiful, I love the mirror over the sink! It's so feminine in there:)