Monday, April 12, 2010

My Stuffed Kitten in Ladies Home Journal

A year ago I found an awesome charity called Enchanted Makeovers. I loved what they were doing and decided to do what I could to help. Last year I made 20 hand sewn kittens for a girls home makeover that they were doing. They wanted to put one on each bed for the girls that live there. The founder Terry Grahl had a photo shoot with Ladies Home Journal. She was photographed sitting on one of the girls beds and my kitten made the shot. How cool is that? If anyone is interested it is the May issue with Kirsty Alley on front, and it's featured on page 60. I feel very blessed indeed. If you can please check out the Enchanted Makeovers website to see what you can do. I also have a very dear friend who started a non profit for abused children and they are looking for help. Check out these two websites: (Enchanted Makeovers) (Project Night Light)

We all can make a difference...every little bit helps these great organizations!


  1. How exciting! Both wonderful causes! There should be more angels on earth like you!

  2. What a wonderful thing to be involved in! I will check out those websites and definitely peek inside the magazine to see your little cat:)

  3. awesome rachel. you worked so hard on those kitties. your heart was totally in the right place. you are magic.

  4. How sweet! A labor of love...thank you so much for your compassion and prayers for our means so much to me...I am blessed!

  5. Thank you again Rachel for having such an amazing and compassionate heart!

    Enchanted Makeovers

  6. This is fabulous, what an inspiration you are.
    Hey, I 'think' I found your cats.