Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintagey Halloween Decor Fun!

I usually don't decorate for Halloween as it is really hard being shabby chic with pink, yellow, blues and whites. I decided to change up my kitchen/dining room so I could decorate for this holiday. My kids are loving it and so am I! I made a wreath from junk. It was part of a drop in sink (round silver piece). I almost threw it, but then thought I could easily make a burlap wreath with it. Thanks to my trusty glue gun-this is what I came up with. The black bird was $1 at the dollar tree store and the sign inside the wreath was $1 there also. I love the look. I also bought a package of 3 black masks for $1.99 and put them on my blank pumpkins. So cute, no?
Leaving you with other little fun decor for the fall/Halloween season around my house! Love this season!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A New Fairy Doll Created By Me!

I ordered a book for my nieces for Christmas. Karla Nathan of Karla's Cottage ( wrote a really fun book for her grand daughter. I ordered this book for each of my nieces. I thought it would be really fun to make some fairy dolls for my nieces to go with this book. I already gave one away to a friend's daughter and I sent one to Karla's grand daughter who she calls Sugar wings. I am posting pics of the one I made today. (Planning for this one to go to my niece Vaedah.) I think it turned out cute. I do these dolls all by hand. I tried the sewing machine and I couldn't get it to work out. I love sewing by hand anyways. For some reason it is calming to me. I just work on it while we are watching TV.
I'm hoping everyone is having a great weekend...I know I need to do my giveaway soon. Coming next week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Outdoor Decorating...JunkStyle

I love decorating for fall/Halloween. We took our kids to Pumpkin Fest today. They got to ride ponies, see animals and jump on inflatables. We went to the grocery store though to buy our pumpkins...they are more reasonable there. The kids and I made "junk" pumpkins when we got home. I am including pictures of them in the blog. I think our front porch turned out pretty "fallabolous!" LOL Have a great rest of the weekend!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Junk Show*Junk Show*Junk Show

This past Saturday my friend Robyn of Robyn's nest hosted a Fall Junk Fest out in the country at her house! We share the costs of adverstising and rental of a port a potty...and it isn't bad at all. The sales were great, and the day was beautiful! We couldn't of asked for a better day! We had many people come out for this show and it sure was alot of fun! I wanted to leave you with some pictures of my wares! I didn't sell the dress form...can you believe it? The mannequin either...I did put the dress form on craigslist so I am hoping to sell it fast! Watch the next few days for a giveaway I will have!