Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintagey Halloween Decor Fun!

I usually don't decorate for Halloween as it is really hard being shabby chic with pink, yellow, blues and whites. I decided to change up my kitchen/dining room so I could decorate for this holiday. My kids are loving it and so am I! I made a wreath from junk. It was part of a drop in sink (round silver piece). I almost threw it, but then thought I could easily make a burlap wreath with it. Thanks to my trusty glue gun-this is what I came up with. The black bird was $1 at the dollar tree store and the sign inside the wreath was $1 there also. I love the look. I also bought a package of 3 black masks for $1.99 and put them on my blank pumpkins. So cute, no?
Leaving you with other little fun decor for the fall/Halloween season around my house! Love this season!


  1. jeepers creepers rachel, when is your book signing? no book signing? you should have one ya know. i would totally buy a book if you made one! you are one clever lady!!!!!!! who would have thunk those lil black masks would have such a masquerade effect on those pumpkins? so clever.
    lovin the owls. they are in ya know. i'm gonna read about you in a magazine one day and say i knew you way back when...hahahaha.
    awesome displays.

  2. Very cute Halloween decor! Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!