Monday, October 4, 2010

Junk Show*Junk Show*Junk Show

This past Saturday my friend Robyn of Robyn's nest hosted a Fall Junk Fest out in the country at her house! We share the costs of adverstising and rental of a port a potty...and it isn't bad at all. The sales were great, and the day was beautiful! We couldn't of asked for a better day! We had many people come out for this show and it sure was alot of fun! I wanted to leave you with some pictures of my wares! I didn't sell the dress form...can you believe it? The mannequin either...I did put the dress form on craigslist so I am hoping to sell it fast! Watch the next few days for a giveaway I will have!


  1. love love love the bust and the mannequin!! They would be perfect for Emily's new room!! She has a mannequin, but it's a BOY!

    Looks like you had a great time!

  2. you are so clever!!! you just figure stuff out. i have NO clue how to make those fabric roses. duh. maybe a tutorial if you have time??? lol...hahahaha.
    congrats on sales!! oh, that wreath is so cool. i just love it. clever you are.

  3. Hey sis! I LOVE the Bingo display! Very creative. Seems like you had a good turnout... Glad you had a beautiful day out in the sunshine! :) Love you!