Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A pretty surprise

I'm feeling pretty good today. McKale slept for a 5 hour stretch which means I slept for 5 hours...that was so nice. He's still on lights for jaundice, and until his number goes down we have to go to the clinic everyday so they can check his blood. Poor baby...his little feet are filled with pokes. It makes a mama want to cry when they do that to him. Hopefully tomorrow his number will be low enough. When he's on the lights I can't hold him very often and I just want to cuddle with my little one before he's not so little.
Westin had a field trip to day at the butterfly house here in Sioux Falls...he had a good time. I asked him how many butterflies he saw and he said 81...I don't know if he was actually counting, but I thought it was cute that he gave me a number.
I also got a nice surprise today...my husband brought home some pink roses for me. That made my day. I was cleaning house and flowers always look so nice in a clean house. It brings spring inside. It also was a beautiful day out and I did some outside displaying with my fun junk chairs, watering cans and an old colored glass window. I will try to get some pictures later this week of that.
Hope everyone is having a good week. Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

McKale is here...some pictures

I had a nice nap and now am ready to show you pictures of our new little baby boy McKale. Right now he's on lights for jaundice. He goes back into the clinic tomorrow to check how he is doing. We're hoping that everything is more normal, so he can be off them. Here are a few pics...enjoy them. He looks like his brother Hayden. His brothers are so excited to have him home.

Baby McKale is here!

Just a quick update to let you know that McKale Landers Knoblich was born on Friday April 17th at 8:32 am. He weighed 7 lbs and 7 oz. We are home now and heading off to rest. Hope all is well with everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby come out and a little craziness

Well...I figured...we wouldn't let the baby come out at 33 weeks, so now he's paying me back. He's going to stay in there as long as he can. I did have the real deal contractions today, but then they stopped. It usually goes that way for me until the doctor breaks my water. I just don't think they will at this point unless I dilate a little more. I'm at a 3-4...so if I reach 5 my doctor probably would. At this point he has dropped so far down that it hurts to walk. I've just been doing alot of laying around. Although yesterday I did do some major cleaning (I don't know why?) as today Westin got jello and whipped cream all over my kitchen, living room and on the couch slipcover. Hayden knocked over a box of Farina (like cream of wheat) and that was not fun to clean up either. So once again I have declared this house a natural disaster. This summer promises to be alot of fun with 4 boys and a baby home. I'm so excited!
But then I look at these sweet pictures of my boys and I remember why I do it. No matter how bad things seem...there are many sweet days with these guys. They can drive me absolutely crazy...and other days I can't help but laugh. I stay sane with humor (it's the only way), and a great husband who lets me vent when I need too!
I'm including some photos of the kids at Halloween (Westin is Mario from the Mario brothers video game and Hayden is sponge bob. I made that costume by hand...I think it turned out great!) The other photo is of Cole and Hayden goofing around at the table.
I'll keep you updated on the baby front...I'm hoping soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoping you Have a Happy Easter

Hello everyone...just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here and still pregnant. I thought last night was the night...such bad contractions. Then they just decided to stop. I'm pretty miserable and ready to do this thing. I can barely walk and I'm in constant pain. It will be a good thing when he's ready to be born. I'm hoping soon!
With feeling so miserable I haven't done much but rest. I did go to my booth yesterday to bring in new stuff and rearrange...that was not fun at this point for me. It's done now and I can leave it for a few weeks. I try to get in there and redo/rearrange every few weeks. It seems like I have better sales then. I just love this time of year with spring and getting to make everything so pretty.
I am hoping that everyone out there is having a great Easter...we are taking it easy. The boys got to do their Easter egg hunt outside yesterday (it's suppose to rain today). They got Easter goodies from Grandma and Grandpa and the Easter Bunny too...so they are very happy! I have been talking all week with my 5 year old about what Easter is really about. It can be so confusing for them. If you ask him he will tell you that Easter is about Jesus!
I will leave you with a few pictures...one is a sweet dress my friend Sue (vintagesue.wordpress.com) sent me. If I was a little girl it would be my Easter dress. The other picture is a small display on a table in my house. (I took this table to the shop yesterday...bored with it...brought a piece home from the shop.) Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I had one busy day

I must have had a burst of energy from the energy fairy today. Westin hasn't had school all week, so I promised him a trip to the library. After that we headed to a Goodwill near our home. It was a pretty good day. I ended up with an older wagon painted yellow (for the shop), an old pink glass lamp that has a crusty/yucky shade which I peeled off and now it's a nice chippy white naked frame (just love that) and I also got a Bavaria rose cup. I found a few baby things for McKale too. I can't complain...we got some goodies. Then Westin and I headed to Subway and shared a $5 foot long. We headed home...to the disaster area. I haven't had a chance to clean for awhile so I went ahead and cleaned...and cleaned...and cleaned. I also did laundry and cooked. That's alot for me right now...but I'm proud of myself. I got lots done and hubby was happy to get a home cooked meal for once. Tonight I have a few things I want to paint...(sitting at my kitchen table of course!)
Kitten update: I have made 10 and have 10 more to go. I need to get my tale in gear and get them all done.
I'm including some more shots of my house...since it's clean (it won't stay that way long...guarantee!) Hope everyone is having a great week! Snow is melting here and the weather is getting nicer. I'm so ready for spring and ready to decorate outside!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some fun flea market weekend finds

<What a weekend! Saturday we had breakfast with the Easter Bunny at a neighborhood church. We took Hayden and Westin and they had a blast. They had carnival games, a breakfast table set up, puppets and an Easter egg hunt. After we did that it was time for me to get out a little, so I headed to our once a month flea market out at the fairgrounds. I usually limit myself to $20 to spend. I spent $16 this weekend and that was including the $1 I paid to get into the flea market. My first item bought was a set of 4 bark cloth like pink rose napkins. They are really pretty and I just love them. They'll probably be heading to the shop though. I have so many linens that I can't justify keeping them. The next thing I bought is my absolute favorite. It is a Kewpie doll that use to be a lamp. Her arms are missing...and she can't be a lamp anymore, but she was so unique I had to have her. I got her for a very fair price. I want to keep her...but we'll see what happens. You just never know with me. I bought 2 dolls to add to my collection...they are in pink and white tulle dresses and have handmade hats. They are so adorable...I just love them. Of course I'm keeping those....My last purchase was a pretty handmade apron...No pics of it at this time. I need to iron it and put it on my dress form and then take pics. That will have to be at a later time. I'm also including a picture of some pretty fabric I picked up last weekend at an antique shop cheap. There's not much of it...I really want to make a handbag using some of it. It's so pretty...so faded...so bark cloth era. I'm just gaga over it. I found these wonderful pink polka dot napkins at a thrift store this past week. How cute are those? All mine!
We got snow this weekend...it is so crazy since we've been in the 50's. We lost power last night...so no TV...no video games...no computer. It was God's way of telling us we needed family time. We lit all the candles we could find, ate some ice cream and played mad libs. It was a good time filled with a lot of laughter. As soon as we headed to bed the electricity came back on. Isn't that funny? Sometimes we all need that to remember family time is important.
I have one more week of meds left to take for my contractions and then I can go off of them. We'll see if baby McKale is ready to come after that. Knowing my luck he'll decide he wants to stay in the max time that he possibly can. My doctor is on vacation this week, so she said I can't have him yet. Hopefully he'll be a good boy and listen.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bloomin' Sucker Tree

When we bought our first home my husband told our now 2 oldest boys that we had a sucker tree in the backyard. They would not believe him, so on April 1st that sucker tree bloomed in our backyard. Now...that tree wasn't the best tree...Bryan actually taped the suckers to the branches. Our oldest told his brother that it wasn't for real. We told him that if his brother didn't believe then there wouldn't be suckers for him next year. SO THEY BELIEVED! And every April 1st that tree bloomed.
Westin (our now youngest) remembers the sucker tree and has been asking about it. And guess what? We have a sucker tree here too! To Hayden and Westin's delight that tree bloomed yesterday with their favorite suckers. The tree in our backyard now is the perfect tree. Bryan could just lay the suckers right in the tree and they stayed. We also had a nice sunny day for the bloomin' tree. And they have been told that the tree only blooms one day a year...April 1st!
This is just a fun tradition that we started that has been fun for our family...a fun little joke...hopefully it will be something they pass on to their children someday.
I'm glad I didn't go into labor yesterday...my husband would never of believed me. Thank goodness for small favors! LOL