Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some fun flea market weekend finds

<What a weekend! Saturday we had breakfast with the Easter Bunny at a neighborhood church. We took Hayden and Westin and they had a blast. They had carnival games, a breakfast table set up, puppets and an Easter egg hunt. After we did that it was time for me to get out a little, so I headed to our once a month flea market out at the fairgrounds. I usually limit myself to $20 to spend. I spent $16 this weekend and that was including the $1 I paid to get into the flea market. My first item bought was a set of 4 bark cloth like pink rose napkins. They are really pretty and I just love them. They'll probably be heading to the shop though. I have so many linens that I can't justify keeping them. The next thing I bought is my absolute favorite. It is a Kewpie doll that use to be a lamp. Her arms are missing...and she can't be a lamp anymore, but she was so unique I had to have her. I got her for a very fair price. I want to keep her...but we'll see what happens. You just never know with me. I bought 2 dolls to add to my collection...they are in pink and white tulle dresses and have handmade hats. They are so adorable...I just love them. Of course I'm keeping those....My last purchase was a pretty handmade apron...No pics of it at this time. I need to iron it and put it on my dress form and then take pics. That will have to be at a later time. I'm also including a picture of some pretty fabric I picked up last weekend at an antique shop cheap. There's not much of it...I really want to make a handbag using some of it. It's so bark cloth era. I'm just gaga over it. I found these wonderful pink polka dot napkins at a thrift store this past week. How cute are those? All mine!
We got snow this is so crazy since we've been in the 50's. We lost power last no video computer. It was God's way of telling us we needed family time. We lit all the candles we could find, ate some ice cream and played mad libs. It was a good time filled with a lot of laughter. As soon as we headed to bed the electricity came back on. Isn't that funny? Sometimes we all need that to remember family time is important.
I have one more week of meds left to take for my contractions and then I can go off of them. We'll see if baby McKale is ready to come after that. Knowing my luck he'll decide he wants to stay in the max time that he possibly can. My doctor is on vacation this week, so she said I can't have him yet. Hopefully he'll be a good boy and listen.


  1. great finds! I love that little doll with no arms and of course that fabric is awesome!

  2. Woo Hoo... What great finds!! I love the little dolls & the linens are lovely!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Well, I am not sure how I got here...but it is sure nice to meet a Mom of 5!! like me!!!

    C'mon on over anytime....we'll have lots to talk about I'm sure ;)

  4. First time I have stopped by your Blog, sure love all your beautiful treasures, and wow such a nice home you have, and a house full of boys! Congratulations on the New Baby to Come (:
    Hugs, Diane

  5. Rachel - love your fleamarket finds! The little kewpie is sweet. The fabric is awesome - great purse material!

    Your family time sounds like big fun!