Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A pretty surprise

I'm feeling pretty good today. McKale slept for a 5 hour stretch which means I slept for 5 hours...that was so nice. He's still on lights for jaundice, and until his number goes down we have to go to the clinic everyday so they can check his blood. Poor baby...his little feet are filled with pokes. It makes a mama want to cry when they do that to him. Hopefully tomorrow his number will be low enough. When he's on the lights I can't hold him very often and I just want to cuddle with my little one before he's not so little.
Westin had a field trip to day at the butterfly house here in Sioux Falls...he had a good time. I asked him how many butterflies he saw and he said 81...I don't know if he was actually counting, but I thought it was cute that he gave me a number.
I also got a nice surprise today...my husband brought home some pink roses for me. That made my day. I was cleaning house and flowers always look so nice in a clean house. It brings spring inside. It also was a beautiful day out and I did some outside displaying with my fun junk chairs, watering cans and an old colored glass window. I will try to get some pictures later this week of that.
Hope everyone is having a good week. Thanks for checking in!


  1. What a sweet hubby! Poor litte one, hope his numbers get better fast!

  2. Hope baby is better soon! Kudo's to Hubby!! He done good... I can smell them from here!!

  3. i hope his numbers get better today.....
    that was so nice of him to bring you flowers...they look beautiful!

  4. hey rachel....poor lil mckale....i don't know how you do it???? that westin sure is a cutie. i love that he said '81'. see...it's the cute stuff like he says that makes up for the dozen eggs broken on the floor.....
    hope you get some junkin in. take advantage of those nap times. 5 hours. that is great!!!
    hang in there....yes.....I STILL HAVE YOUR BOX. i'm awful. found out we are moving up north. it's a long story.