Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I had one busy day

I must have had a burst of energy from the energy fairy today. Westin hasn't had school all week, so I promised him a trip to the library. After that we headed to a Goodwill near our home. It was a pretty good day. I ended up with an older wagon painted yellow (for the shop), an old pink glass lamp that has a crusty/yucky shade which I peeled off and now it's a nice chippy white naked frame (just love that) and I also got a Bavaria rose cup. I found a few baby things for McKale too. I can't complain...we got some goodies. Then Westin and I headed to Subway and shared a $5 foot long. We headed home...to the disaster area. I haven't had a chance to clean for awhile so I went ahead and cleaned...and cleaned...and cleaned. I also did laundry and cooked. That's alot for me right now...but I'm proud of myself. I got lots done and hubby was happy to get a home cooked meal for once. Tonight I have a few things I want to paint...(sitting at my kitchen table of course!)
Kitten update: I have made 10 and have 10 more to go. I need to get my tale in gear and get them all done.
I'm including some more shots of my house...since it's clean (it won't stay that way long...guarantee!) Hope everyone is having a great week! Snow is melting here and the weather is getting nicer. I'm so ready for spring and ready to decorate outside!


  1. Everything looks beautiful, Love your bug screen, soooo cute
    Hugs, Diane

  2. Rachel...is that burst of energy a sign??? I bet you feel great about getting all that done (AND, a trip to the Goodwill too)! Love your look - whites and pink, and the bug screen is too cute! You'll sleep well tonight!!! :)

    Take care!

  3. Hi your home look so nice and inviting!!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful home!! Isn't it nice to have a day with your child!
    Have a wonderful Week!!
    Easter Hugs,
    p.s. I Love the Foot Longs at Subway!! LOL!!

  5. Love the pics on this post. The colors in your home are so cozy and inviting. Thanks for sharing.



  6. your house looks clean to me. mine is gross.
    thanks sooooo much for all the goodies. we have so much of the same taste. it's scarry.
    i have a pkg. for you. it's on its way next week.
    take care. happy easter....

  7. I love your blog! Wow,5 boys!!!!!!!!!! I thought one was a handful.