Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby come out and a little craziness

Well...I figured...we wouldn't let the baby come out at 33 weeks, so now he's paying me back. He's going to stay in there as long as he can. I did have the real deal contractions today, but then they stopped. It usually goes that way for me until the doctor breaks my water. I just don't think they will at this point unless I dilate a little more. I'm at a if I reach 5 my doctor probably would. At this point he has dropped so far down that it hurts to walk. I've just been doing alot of laying around. Although yesterday I did do some major cleaning (I don't know why?) as today Westin got jello and whipped cream all over my kitchen, living room and on the couch slipcover. Hayden knocked over a box of Farina (like cream of wheat) and that was not fun to clean up either. So once again I have declared this house a natural disaster. This summer promises to be alot of fun with 4 boys and a baby home. I'm so excited!
But then I look at these sweet pictures of my boys and I remember why I do it. No matter how bad things seem...there are many sweet days with these guys. They can drive me absolutely crazy...and other days I can't help but laugh. I stay sane with humor (it's the only way), and a great husband who lets me vent when I need too!
I'm including some photos of the kids at Halloween (Westin is Mario from the Mario brothers video game and Hayden is sponge bob. I made that costume by hand...I think it turned out great!) The other photo is of Cole and Hayden goofing around at the table.
I'll keep you updated on the baby front...I'm hoping soon!


  1. Even through the hardest most frustrating times you are a very lucky lady!!

  2. why don't you have your own costume shop or something??? oh have mother load talent....
    i can't believe you made that spongebob costume. you blow china away!!! can i put that in this comment box?????
    hang in there rachel....i would be screaming by now with that big ole baby boy mckale waiting to come out!!!

  3. oh wait...btw...your fridge is the cleanest fridge i have ever seen!!!!! mine is gross. good for you. how do you do it w/4 boys!! you rock.

  4. Love your cuties! Hope you are doing well. The good thing about summer? The kiddos can play outside!! YEAH!
    Let us know how things are going -
    Betty :)

  5. You sound miserable Sis... I hope it gets over with soon enough for ya. Good that you are finding the blog something to do as well during all this. Good to get the updates on things. :-)