Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decorating and Handmade Ornaments

Sorry about the long time in between posts. I have been under the weather lately. I slept almost all day Thanksgiving. We didn't have company, so my husband cooked a roast and I slept. I've also been super busy at the shop. I've had to go 3 times in a week to fill and work on displaying. I've been selling it keeps me busy. I also had a chance to get out and go to my favorite antique store in Canton, SD. I just bought some dollar items. I will show you what I did with them in this post. (Christmas Ornaments)

McKale has also decided to be up for the past 2 weeks almost all night, every night. I can't tell you how tired I am. He is finally getting a third tooth, so I think that is the problem. All that fuss for one tooth. Yikes!

I wanted to show a few pics of my house. I have a growing collection of pink and white Christmas trees. I have 3 ceramic pink trees, 3 pink trees I've made, one white feather tree and one ceramic white tree. I also found the cutest framed tree made by a child. Had to get sweet and blends in nice with my collection! The next picture is my hutch in my kitchen/dining area. I filled jars with old ornies that I've had forever and never done anything with. The plate rack in the backgound is something my husand made out of a small piece of door and garden fencing. I love it! He is so handy and I LOVE HIM FOR IT! The next three pics are of ornaments I've been making. The mitten is batting and ticking sewn into mittens then glittered. I made 20 of them (remember now...I sew by hand!) The other is an altered stocking....I made 12 of them last year for my tree. The last is the item I bought at The Painted Lady in Canton. I bought 10 small cake tins in the shape of stars for $2.00. I put vintage sheet music in the middle...glittered them and then put tinsel around the outside of the music. I love how they turned out. can see why I haven't blogged...being sick and working on projects and the shop....and busy! God Bless your something nice for someone this week. Bless their socks off!
I still have some kittens listed in my etsy shop and an awesome necklace! If you want unique gifts this just might be it!


  1. i don't know how you do it rachel. i don't. i couldn't. i would be soooo tired!!!! lol.
    YOU ARE AMAZING. those lil treasures you have been making are clever, clever, clever!!!! love those houses with the buttons!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep on going girl. glad the booth is rocking. it's fun when it's busy...but it will wear you out!!
    hope you and mckale work it all out soon!!! wishing you the best. and good for you with the kitties!!!!!
    take care

  2. Hope you are back up & yourself soon!! With baby cutting teeth that is tough.....
    Your ornaments are beautiful & I went back for a second look at the shelf your Hubby made!! Clever Guy!! I really like it!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Love your white and pink Christmas decorations. Too cute. I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Sending you all my best wishes. Oh! and hope McKale is feeling better too. Have a wonderful day.


  4. i love those pink and white trees!! yikes. i might feel an obsession coming on.

    ps. those mittens are also adorable. and the metal tin ornaments turned out so cute!! you are a creative one!!

  5. I love all of your vintage holiday decor ,
    Happy Holidays to you !