Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Cute Dolls!

So, I still haven't been doing much lately. The house is always a disaster with the boys home. I'd love to take pictures and show stuff off, but with the mess it's not really working. We finally had a nice hot day today, so the kids could go out and swim. They've been off school for 4 weeks and it's been gloomy or rainy, or both. We were glad for the sunshine today.
I wanted to show a picture of some cute dolls I found this spring at the Goodwill. They were 50 cents each. I saw one similar at a antique store for $34! As if...I would never pay that! I love these little dolls...they are just adorable, and I put them each in a sugar container with roses on them. They were missing why not? And of course I included a new photo of the cutest doll of all...McKale!


  1. Both of your "little dolls" are adorable!! McKale is really growing fast.... I guess when you are as busy as you probably are time can slip by even faster!!
    Don't worry about the house... it will be there long after the kids are grown!
    Have a Peaceful Day!!

  2. My favorite doll is the boy "doll". Look at those eyes. He is wonderful, Rachel!!

  3. Oh I love vintage dolls and real baby dolls! I do have dolls on one of my blogs...I love to visit your blog...what darling pictures of your pretties and I love the boys pictures and McKade is a Real Doll! Thanks for sharing and believe me if I live around your place...I would go to that shop...what bargins you found! That is always so much fun....
    from the heart of Texas!
    A Big Howdy!

  4. Hello!! What a gorgeous baby boy you have!! All your boys are so handsome!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Looks like we have very similar taste!!