Friday, June 5, 2009

Outside Decor and McKale

It's been a crazy week with kids...I'm exhausted and plain worn out. Having 5 kids is hard work! LOL McKale is growing fast and I wanted to include a new picture of him wide awake. Such changes in 7 weeks. Yep, he's 7 weeks today!
I had a little time to junk last night. I went to a few thrift stores. I found a set of 4 white and somewhat chippy shutters. They were $2.99 for the set of 4. I can't beat that price. One set I'm keeping and the other set will go to the shop. I found some garden gnomes to sell. They're not my thing, but I know some people really like them. I also found a iron candle thingy that's unique (and heavy). That will get painted white and probably go out on my back deck. I also found the sweetest girls dress in the Goodwill bin. It is from the early 1900's and so darling! And at $1.30 very affordable. I also hit a few garage sales today, but mostly kid junk. Something I don't need more of!!!!!!
I'm slowly working on my outside deck to make it a small oasis for me to enjoy. I'm including some pictures...not quite done, but getting there. I found the awesome doors and green shutter screen at a garage sale last weekend. It was $25 for the set of doors (came out of a bar) and $12 for the screen. I think I got a good deal...the doors are so unique and have a hint of green coming out from the chippy cream paint on top.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Love the transformation and the little man is soo cute!

  2. You baby is adorable!! He is growing so fast... doesn't take long!!
    Have a great weekemd!

  3. he is so darn cute! Your outside is looking good!

  4. wow! i would be pooped! rock on! you found wonderful things and little mckale is just the cutest little pea in his onesie!

    thank you for entering my giveaway. your blog is lovely!


  5. Rachel - McKale is SO beautiful - what a little sweetie pie! Can't wait to see what your deck looks like when you're done - love the doors!

    Take care (and get a little rest!) :)

  6. OH MY GOSH Rachel...are you sure that is McKale?? He looks just like my son Nathan when he was about that age! I am serious! I will have to dig up a photo ! Too cute!!!!
    You are one awesome mom to have five boys and still have time to do anything else!! LOL

  7. oh got a GOOD deal on those doors for $25. they are stunning....
    but not as stunning as the baby. oh my....what a super cutie pie. he is a doll, but then again...i'm not up all night with him. lol.
    i am tired and i have 2. i can't imagine 5. boys. all five. all boys. 5 boys....
    no matter how you say it, that is a lot of boys. wow.
    hang in there. keep up the junkin. it helps.