Sunday, June 7, 2009

Helping at Tesa's Cottage

My friend Tesa is opening a shop soon in Viborg, SD, so I spent Saturday helping her do some work. I love doing displays, so I dug through all her treasures and went wild. I did a shabby chic/cottage style area. I had so much fun and was very tired that night. I'm sharing some pictures of what I did that day. Enjoy!


  1. YUMMMY! Love it all, would like to stick everything in my house! Great job!

  2. Beautiful!!! Looks just like the kind of shop I love to visit. Too bad it's not closer to where I live as Tesa would definately be gettting some business from me if I did.

    Love the sweet picture of McKale in your previous post. He is so precious.

  3. looks great! I have never heard of Viborg.......will have to check it out if we every get that way.

  4. Looks like fun! I love merchandising! Cute stuff!

  5. Rachel - looks like big fun - great job!! And, looks like my kind of place too! Good luck to your friend.

  6. Your did a great job!! Isn't it fun to discover all the "goodies" some else has to play with?? :))
    Good Luck to your friends new venture!!

  7. Great job!!! LuAnn

  8. Hi Rachel,
    You can schlep any of that stuff over to my house! You did a great job! And...I did get a steal on those doors didn't I? That is my desire to one day have a space in an antique mall so I need to start collecting now. At least that is what I tell myself!

  9. Hello! Thanks for the email and I look forward to coming to Sioux Falls some weekend; can hopefully meet you! Love what you did with your friends' place.

    Your boys are adorable...I have two of them myself!

    I'll keep checking out your blog...I LOVE those two wooden (matching) doors on an older post! Andrea

  10. Do you know, does Tesa do consignments? She may remember me from the sale she had a while back at her old house right off of 41st street, we bought a WHOLE bunch of tin ceiling from her! I made a shelf out of some of the crown molding I bought from her and would love to show her!