Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Wednesday + No School Blues

It is once again White I'm bringing you a few random things from my home. There's no school for the rest of the week (thru next Monday), so I'm feeling a little blue. With all 5 home I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. McKale is still not sleeping through the night (ear infections), and I'm oh so tired. My eyes are hanging to my knees...I swear for real! I can't go house is trashed...and I just want to get out and junk! It's so matter what you have you want to get out there and find more treasures! (You all know it) It's such a disease! LOL For now I should just go work on cleaning, but what's the use with 5 behind me just to destroy it as I go? I have found a few fun treasures the past few days. Lots of fun linens, a vintage pink bunny dish still in its orginal box (great graphics), a few brooches and a white shelf. I also found 3 rose paintings in oval frames. 2 are red roses and one is pinkish I believe. I will be getting to my booth this weekend and doing a complete overhaul. After the flea market I have lots of stuff that needs to make its way to the shop. I've been kind of neglecting my space due to slow sales and the cold. With spring on its way I want to get my booth redone and make it look awesome.

I hope everyone has a good week...if I don't return to blog you know the kids got to me and I went off the deep end! LOL


  1. I love all of your "whites", great photos. I love that you have five kids as well! I had/have three, and they were pretty close in age. I always wanted a 4th, but my now ex didn't. They keep you busy. I started my antique business when my youngest was six. I needed an outlet besides being a mom. Happy to see you have junkin' in your blood. That is something you can always do with kids. I know, I did it!
    Take care, Sue

  2. Beautiful whites today and hang in there. they grow up so fast, you'll miss the days when they were home all the time.

    Happy wednesday.


  3. lOVELY! Love your whites...I agree with Kathleen will miss the days when the kids are gone! I would love to have a day with all the drama, commotion, noise...big smile. But not all the laundry! Hahahaha.

  4. Hope you get some sleep and everyone feels better soon. I can imagine how busy you must be with 5 home from school. But believe it or not you will miss them when they get older. Then you will have grandchildren and everything will be right with the world again:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. oh you poor thing, I only have one and know how it is I can't imagine having more and not having the cherish thing called sleep.
    I hope you can strap on some snow shoes and get out there to relieve your junkin' itch
    Take care

  6. I really like the idea of hanging the white chippy register grates on the wall, they look wonderful! Good luck getting some sleep. Theresa

  7. Love the white urn!...Great idea...I'm going out to the garage to see if mine's fit to use.
    5?!?I have 3(15,13,10) I feel for you...My best advice is to just roll with it...the house will be there to clean when they're gone...if you can hang on to your sanity that long :)

  8. Hi your whites...I just wanted to let you know my package came this afternoon...
    everything is so beautiful....and how sweet of you to add the little extra I will cherish it...
    Thank you so very much....I will probably do a post about it and send them your way to your shop and all...hope everyone is feeling better and you are able to catch a little rest for yourself....
    Thanks again...
    Have a Blessed day....
    Sweet Blessings...