Monday, March 15, 2010

Learning to hard!

I love a new blog called Dottie Angel. She makes the most amazing things. I was so inspired that I went and bought a new sewing machine. I wanted to make a new apron for my flea markets that I do in town. The last apron I made I sewed the whole thing by hand. Not really an easy thing to do. On this blog she makes the most wonderful aprons, so I thought, "how hard could it be?''s really hard! I did make an looks alright, but if you saw it close up you would laugh at how bad the lines are. I'm proud of myself for just getting it and trying. I will keep practicing, and I am hoping someday I can learn to do an awesome job. Here is the link to Dottie Angels website
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I wanted to leave you with a sweet picture of McKale. He took his first walking steps today. It was so cute as he was walking sideways! He's 11 months on Wednesday. How I wish I could go back to the day he was born. He's growing way too fast! *sigh*


  1. The apron is so cute!! I am getting a sewing machine soon and I have no clue how to sew, so it will be interesting. I hope I can figure it out! McKale is adorable! Yay for walking!!! My Dylan just started walking about a month ago, now he's walking everywhere and never crawls! And he's keeping me busy keeping him out of trouble!

  2. if you can sew all that you do by hand (and you make some totally amazing things), you will pick up the sew machine like it is nothin!!! i hate to sew (all that pinning and planning and precision stresses me out), but i love to make little pillows, tags, skirts for zoey and those don't take long. i hardly even pin. my stuff looks so scary, but it's fun!!! your apron is amazing. can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!!! awesome.
    oh...lil mckale is so cute. he is getting so big, but he is still a

  3. Five, I'm in awe of you!!! I have 3 and I'm glad I had them young cuz I don't think I could keep up now! Good luck with your sewing venture:) Your lil one is adorable!

  4. I totally can't believe that with all your thrifting and junking that you've never found a sewing machine. My MIL said at the MRCI store she saw 5 or 6 once. (She did say, though, that it goes in spurts.) Tip: go slow, or, not too fast. That will help. And for any beginner, never done it before, sew-ers, get someone to show you. Even just a little. srsly.

  5. Congrats on learning a new skill, the sewing machine is a tool same as any other and from seeing the evidence of your talents you will 'get it' in no time. A tip for sewing straight lines: take a few pieces of plain paper and draw sample lines to follow. One page of straight, one page of squares (to learn turning corners) and one page with circles in a spiral. With a dull sewing machine needle (or one that has already been used in a project or two)and no thread stitch along the lines and practice following as closely as you can.