Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pretty things to inspire

Sorry everyone...I've been missing and not posting for awhile. Just call it tired and worn out. The Junkfest in the Nest sale went awesome! So many people came out and it was a true success! I made some good money and cleared some I am happy. My two older boys did a concession stand and made good money too! And we came home with a baby kitten (from Robyn's) to boot! Great weekend...and we are doing it again this fall! Yippee!
I am debating pulling out of my space that I rent in town. I'm really not making money there anymore. I put so much into it, that I'm feeling it's not worth it anymore. I was thinking of just concentrating on doing the flea markets every month (starting in Sept) and doing the Junkfest in the Nest shows twice a year. I make good money at these two things. Then I could concentrate more on my family and boys and not worry about running back and forth every month working on my booth.
I am leaving you with some inspiring pictures from my bedroom! Have a good week all!


  1. I'm glad you did well at the sale! All your treasures are so pretty:)

  2. Your paper roses are so pretty.

    Thanks for poppin' in at oldgreymare. I just love company :}