Monday, September 14, 2009

Pictures from my booth at the Flea Market

I am one beat girl! Lots of work goes into doing flea markets. I just do the one here in Sioux Falls. I couldn't imagine traveling. Not at this point in my life! I wanted to share some photos with you of my booth space. I didn't sell as much as I would of liked to, but I can't complain because I came home with more money then I arrived with. I only bought two things. I bought a ornate mirror that I will paint white (a steal for $5) and a chippy looking doll for my collection (another steal at $4!)
If you see anything you are interested in (in the pictures) you can always email me at
Thanks for checking in with me...have a great week!


  1. Looks like lots of wonderful goodies!! Really like the set up!!

  2. yummy. what a cute booth. I LOVE the hooked rug. did you sell it? did you sell your lamp redo with the chenille?
    hope you get some much needed rest!!

  3. I wish I could visit your booth!! I see lots of treasures I would love to buy!!!

  4. Rachel your booth looks great.
    if you like i can re use your photos in my videos and on my blog, and obviously link back to you.
    let me know if you want to.
    based upon your comments above mine you really need to put it all online.
    and no doubt based upon your blog and booth you will do great.
    i have 18 years experience and your display is up there with the best.

  5. Saw your post on the JMS site and then I realized that I follow your blog---HOORAY!!

  6. What a fab array of goodies you have there. Best wishes

  7. Great Goodies...and displayed to perfection.

    Also, I recieved my goodies from the drawing...LOVE THEM!!! Thanks so very much.

    Love and Kisses

  8. Hi,

    Just found your cute blog. I just started my own vintage booth this month, and you are so right, it is a LOT of work, but fun too. Thanks for the peek at your shop!

  9. hi rachel,

    everything looks great!!! could let me know if you still have the shelf and mirror that are sitting in the rocking basket (3rd photo down) and if you do, how much for each?