Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures of my booth

I have had one busy month at the shop where I rent space. I have made more money this month then I ever had, and it feels good! I work very hard...I feel it's starting to pay off...yippee! Last Sunday I went into the shop and worked on my booth for 3 hours! I sold so much this past week I had to go again this Sunday and stock it up. I had fun playing around last Sunday, but was really not in the mood today. When I get there my mood usually changes and I just have fun with it!

Here are some pictures of my booth...check out my halloween kittens...those were fun to make! Have a good week everyone!


  1. i would be shopping your booth ALL DAY. it's so super cute. i love it. i love that RUG.
    hope all is well....
    your booth should rock the holidays!!!! it is a cottage delight.

  2. The way you have your booth set up is so nice. I just love the rose plaque and the rose dessert plates. So pretty. Oh and the rose rug to.

  3. Your booth is soooo lovely! What a great job you've done there. I'm so glad you're experiencing success....awesome in this economy!