Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sioux Falls Flea Market

Hey everyone...sorry I have been AWOL. I have an upcoming flea market this weekend, and I have been so busy preparing! Lot's of painting, creating, junking and pricing. Not to mention washing linens, cleaning items up and the everyday stuff that comes with life and 5 kids. I am so exhausted. Next week I will be recouping for sure! Next week Friday happens to be my birthday and I was planning to go to Junk Bonanza and now I don't know if we will be able to make it. We'll see what happens!

For all you in the Sioux Falls area...The Benson Flea Market is this weekend 12th & 13th out at the fairgrounds. Come out and visit my booth and me! I will take some pictures and post soon!


  1. Wish I could come to your flea market....would love that garden fencing you show in your last picture!!!! Best of luck.
    Wow...I just noticed you are the mom of 5 old are they. I have 3 boys that I adore!!!!

  2. sounds fun.......take pics of your booth. Stop by my blog sometime....

  3. Hey Rachel! Thanks for letting me know you're out there watching. I do want one of the kitties... pink and light orange would be the color choice. My little great niece, Reagan, has her room in those colors. White walls with pink and orange polka dots all over. It's adorable. Thanks and let me know what I owe you, etc.

  4. good luck rachel. i know you will give folks a glory of good re-dos!!! i would be shopping it up at your booth for sure!!!!
    now go take a nap.

  5. Rachel--hope all goes well with your sale. May the junk gods be with you. LuAnn