Friday, January 8, 2010

Another hair...McKale pics!

It's been crazy here! Hayden has been sick with broncitis and croup for about 2 weeks...he is finally getting well! I had company here the last few sister, her friend and 2 yr old daughter. We had a snow storm and below freezing temperatures, so school was closed. 10 people shoved into this little house. I'm use to the craziness, but my poor sister and her friend were going nuts I'm sure.

I got yet another tattoo (getting closer to a sleeve). Today I got my hair cut. I colored it blonde and pink. I love it so much!!!! Am I too old for this? I love it...and it makes me feel who cares what anyone thinks???!!!!

I wanted to share some pictures of McKale in his cool clothes. I made his tie onsie. So much fun and he is adorable in it! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Hey Rachel, McKale is adorable! His onesie is precious!
    smiles, alice

  2. McKale is really growing.... It sure doesn't take long!!
    Take Care!

  3. What a cute little boy! Love the outfit, so vintage looking. Also, love the new tatt's!
    Take care, Sue

  4. girl....too old??? should see the women in germany and other parts of europe that are my mom's age!! they wear pointy toed boots, designer clothes, wicked cute accessories, black leather, silk, cool shades and they always have their hair dyed some crazy colors and they look awesome!!!! i felt so unhip when i lived there.....they put me to shame!! so no, you aren't too old lady!!! you will have a sleeve soon and i think it will look amazing. i think if you are going to have tatts, you need to have LOTS of them or one gigantic one! that way they make visual sense and you know all about that!!! do what makes you look and feel great. i wear crazy stuff all the time and i'm sure i get looks...who cares...whatever.
    mckale is your twin. you can put some little kiddie tatts on him and you guys will have a stage show together....he is adorable.
    get some rest!!!
    tattoo for now....

  5. You are never too old for tattoos and pink hair! I am 32 and I am tattooed and have blond/ red hair. Love McKale, what a beautiful baby!