Monday, January 25, 2010

My pretty bedroom and $5 find!

I cleaned up my bedroom to take pictures today to show you how it looks. (The rest of the house is a disaster! No pictures there!) I found an awesome thing for $5 last Wednesday at Goodwill! It is the best $5 I ever spent! It is a 1928 vanity and mirror. It was already painted white. It had plain white wallpaper on the drawers. I ripped it off and then applied some vintage floral wallpaper I already had. It turned out so great! I was going to sell it, but I've always wanted I am getting rid of other small pieces that were in my room.
The weather stinks here! Rain, then freezing, then snow and blowing on top of it. I am so ready for spring...will it ever get here? I'm begging!
Stay tuned as this is my 89th post...the next post will be White Wednesday, and then on Friday I will be doing a giveaway!
Hope you all have a good week and see you on White Wednesday!


  1. Great find for $5.00...I never find furniture pieces for those prices. It looks really pretty with the paper on the drawer fronts...nice bedroom.

  2. i would say you are one lucky lady. i can't believe just 5 bucks. i think all the great junk finds are west of the middle of PA. here in jersey we have nothing left. and the good will stores are few and far in between.

  3. What a beautiful vanity! Certainly one of the best $5 finds EVER!!!

  4. Your bedroom looks very dreamy. And that vanity and mirror is awesome!!! And only $5.00??? Good for you. I love what you did with it.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. OMGoodness...THat is Beautiful!! I love it!!
    Stay safe from the weather!!

  6. this is just lovely! thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  7. MORE, MORE, MORE rachel. i can't get enough of your glorious photos!!! you betcha that was a $5 well spent.....what can you get with $5? a footlong or a vintage vanity? ugh....i pick the shabby vanity please.
    where is spring? i ask myself that same question. at least you have one clean room in your house. you have one more than i do!!! lol
    take care and hang in there. your bedroom is a place to dream. it's lovely.

  8. What a beautiful bedroom and a wonderful find!!
    Yes, it would be so fun if we lived closer! I know our boys would have a blast whole we played :):) So nice to see you again!

  9. wow! wow! wow! your goodwill stores are MUCH better than ours. first of all, you'd never find that at a goodwill store here and if by some slim chance you did it would be marked $100 or more - you go girl!!!!! fabulous find =)

  10. $5.00???Oh my goodness...that is simply amazing!It really is perfect in your room...Congrats,dear!