Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cute Fisherman Costume & Burlap Halloween Treat Bag

Here are the pictures I promised of the costume I made for my niece Vaedah. She wanted to be a fisherman for Halloween and her mom is a busy college student, so I jumped in to help. I was bidding on ebay for a costume, but it went for $27...and that is way too expensive for my tastes! Then I remembered that Westin has a fisherman's hat and orange vest that he is not using. The vest was actually in a bag in the garage awaiting a trip to the Salvation Army. I went to Goodwill and found a women's orange checkered shirt. I cut off the pockets and sewed them by hand onto the vest. I drew a picture of a fish and sewed that onto the hat. I also added a button on the fish for an eye, and embroidered a smile. My husband had a few fishing lures and a bobber, so those were sewn on also. I wanted to make her a trick or treat bag, so I went to Walmart and bought 1/2 yard of burlap. I took the same shirt and cut out a pumpkin shape...used brown seam binding for the stem, nose and mouth. Buttons were used for the eyes. I had barkcloth and cut out some leaves for the pumpkin. I cut out the word treats with this same shirt fabric. I used some tea dyed lace for the top embellishment. I used the same fabric of the shirt to make the handle. I just used my trusty glue gun to put this bag together. I know this bag will last forever because I made 4 of them 5 yrs ago for my boys and we still have them. They are awesome...and can hold lots of candy!

Making homemade soup and my buzzer is going off.

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  1. i love those barkcloth leaves. what a cute costume. you outdid yourself. love it all.
    your friend will be very happy.
    take care