Monday, October 19, 2009

Junk Pumpkins

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and show off my "JUNK PUMPKINS". I came up with this idea last night as I was about to throw away a piece that broke off one of my watering cans. It looked like a huge white grin, and I said to myself I cannot throw this away. So off I went in search of some fun junk to transform my pumpkins. I think they are pretty darn cute if I say so myself!

I'm also busy painting up a storm getting stuff ready for the shop, junking for Christmas decor for the shop and making a costume for my niece. She wants to be a fisherman, so I am working on the vest and hat...I will post pics later. Have a great day everyone!


  1. What fun! I think I might have to steal of few of those tricks... just got some punkins myself today... way to go and thanks for sharing your pix

  2. Rachel - they're both so cute! I love the first one - he's such a happy guy!

    Sounds like you're bizzy, bizzy as always!

    Thanks for the smile!


  3. why aren't you on HGTV with a clever junk to treasure show girl?????? oh...because they have stuff about renters finding the perfect granite countertops these days. i bitter?
    those punkins junkins are the best. clever. and those lil monster dolls in the post before are adorable.
    keep it up.

  4. Very clever, I love your pumpkins!

  5. So-o-o-o cute & what a fun idea!!

  6. Love your cute pumpkins!

    God bless,

  7. Very fun! Thanks for directing me here. I like your Junk Pumpkins...and your blog! ~Mindy