Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creative Projects keeping me busy!

So I really seem to get nothing done in this house because my mind only thinks one way...what can I make? What can I create? I have a mass of mannequins sitting in my garage so I decided last night to alter one. I used patterns, old book pages and sheet music to alter her. I did it in layers to give her a nice affect. I also have spent the week making jewelry. I just can't stop. I'd rather do something creative then clean my house. So please, please don't drop in unannounced for coffee or such because you would laugh at my mess. LOL I did have a mom of a friend of Westin's stop in today embarrassing! I showed her what I was working on to explain the "mess situation" in our home. I think most moms understand. If you are creative and artsy you probably get it too! Create...the house can wait!
Have a great week everyone...probably be spending mine cleaning!


  1. This is Incredible! I LOVE it! WOW.. great job.

  2. Love the decopaged mannequin torso. I just did a child torso with legs. I used old patterns also. They turn out so good. I made a cheap version of a tutu to put on it. I am no sewer. Love shabby chic also. Love your blog thanks!

  3. LOVE the mannequin! 8) Your creations always turn out so well... we must be related. ;) Very cool.