Sunday, August 29, 2010


I didn't know what to name my post today. I'm feeling a little sad because today I gave my 30 day notice to pull out of my space at Cliff Ave. Antiques. I'm not making much money it's time to move on. For now I will just focus on doing the monthly flea markets in town and the 2 junkfests in the spring and fall. I just wish there was a place here for me that sold items like I do and where the rent isn't outrageous.
Leaving a few pictures with you from my will soon be gone! If you live in town and see something you like then feel free to stop up at Cliff Ave. Thanks!


  1. Gosh, Rachel, I am sorry you are leaving Cliff Ave. You know I love your treasures!! Doreen

  2. right o...i am with you. isn't it so much more fun when you have a booth??? i have been feeling that sadness for over a year now. boo hoo. we can feel it together.
    hopefully rachel, when one door closes another will open for you. you are so talented. people should be fighting over those cute things in your space!!! good luck and hang in there. if i lived closer, we could pour over our woes thru a good pile of junk. haha.
    take care

  3. I see that this post is two months old - but do you do mail order at all? My sister might be interested in that wastebasket if you still have it?