Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Full Junkin' Day ~ Creepy Dolls

I am one tired lady as my friend Tesa and I decided to head out this morning to an auction. The auction was a total good, no fun junk. We decided to go a little further and hit a town with 6 antique stores. The 1st antique store wasn't anything special. To our dismay all the others were closed. Tesa drove by one and saw people in there, so she opened the door and asked if they were open. They weren't...but they let us in anyways. She found some goodies and I found a white corner cabinet and white trellis. I found some really, really old angels painted on old oilcloth? The guy told me they were at least 60 years old as they came from his mom's things. He told us he had some warehouses he would take us off we went with him to look for more. I got a vintage baby bassinet (which I'll be needing soon for little McKale), architectural pieces (2), and a green chippy drop leaf table with chairs. Now most of this stuff will be heading to my space at my shop rental. With Tesa's SUV full and our tummies not, we headed to a great place on the lake and had some wonderful walleye and shrimp. It was so good! All in all we had a fun day...and that's why I am so beat!
I wanted to share some pictures of my doll collection. I never wanted to be a doll collector, but one thing lead to another and I have a small collection. I have to warn you though...some are kind of creepy! I'm kind of obsessed with creepy dolls now. One picture is a sock monkey I made over in pink. Her name is Maude. She lets me buy whatever I want. That's why I love her so much. Ok, because she's pink too! Enjoy the pictures...don't think badly of me. LOL
I have 3 kitten done out of 20 (read my last post to see what I'm talking about.) This will be one busy week working on those, and trying to get my new stuff into the shop. The green chippy table needs some work and I want to get it in as soon as possible with spring around the corner. Everyone have a great week...happy junkin' all!


  1. The dolls are not really creepy... They are just VERY WELL loved???? You know what "they" say?? Any more than 3 of a kind is a collection!! Guess you have a collection!!
    Take Care!

  2. Hi Rachel-- Love your blog! Here's another 'project' possibility for you: I found you from a link from Vintage Sue...