Monday, March 23, 2009

Under the weather

Just a quick post...I've been under the weather here...again...I'm really anemic right now. So I keep catching everything. I'm pretty miserable...with being close to my due date and all. I think my allergies are acting up too. I itch with all this going on I'm pretty crabby. The weather is not helping...very dreary and rainy. Some parts of South Dakota are snowing, but we're getting thunderstorms and lots of wind. I'm just glad we're not the ones getting snow.
I am on my 7th stuffed animal kitten and have 13 to go. (in a previous post...check it out) I'm pushing myself hard to get them done before the baby comes. It could be about 4 weeks now. All I can say is I'm ready to be done being pregnant! LOL
I found a few fun linens this weekend at the Salvation Army. One is a blue tablecloth with an appliqued rose and a pink crocheted edging. It's so was only 50 cents and has never been used. It will be perfect in my decor.
I will leave you with a few pictures of my house...these were taken last week when it was sunny. I'm praying for that sun to come back soon!


  1. Rachel - we know the weather is going to get better...and so are you! Hoping you feel better SOON!! Your little kitties are precious - they're "smile makers" for sure!

    Take care, Kathy

  2. Love your kitties.. they are adorable! Take care... Don't want you to get sicker. We are still frozen here. Our temps this a.m. were +11. I know warmpth will so be upon us but WHEN?!?!?!?!?
    Until Later...

  3. I sure hope you are feeling better soon......
    those kitties are so'll get them all done.

  4. see i am addicted to your blog and your house. even with all h$^& breaking loose (did i get the right word...lose...loose??), you still managed to grab a quick trip to the sally and pick up some goodies. i LOVE that.
    your house is sooooooooooo cute. i want to just come look at everything and hold that baby....well, maybe not now cuz that would be strange, but you know what i mean.
    you take care...
    oh...your kitties are so sweet. i love them so much. zoey still carries hers around and pushes it in a stroller.