Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog. I really appreciate it. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
I had a nice surprise today via the littlest Knoblich Westin. He decided to "drink" from the bar-b-que sauce bottle this morning. He was so proud of himself. Of course after that he proceeded to smear it all over the kitchen floor. He did try to clean it up himself, but just smeared and made it dry faster and become sticky. I should of taken a picture, but I am always in a hurry and just cleaned it up. The kid loves to create "ART" with condiments and eggs I swear.
Hope everyone is having a good day. I ate a nummy monster bacon cheese burger and fries at my favorite bar/grill. I can't eat like this much longer. I'm surprised I'm not 250 lbs now from eating there constantly. It was soooo good!


  1. Rachel, welcome to the blogging world! I am looking forward to all your family stories as I'm sure you have lots of them to share! Also, will love hearing about all your junking stories. Take care!

  2. wow Rachel!!!!! im so NOT creative... i have to have my mom come and help decorate... lol..
    so do u sell ur stuff 2? Amber