Monday, March 30, 2009

Some baby room pics

I am sharing my craft/studio room with the I haven't done tons for decorating, but thought I would share what I have done. My room is pink and aqua. McKale is getting the aqua side...I'm on the pink side. I lucked out and found vintage baby crib bedding. I found an aqua lace eyelet bumper at one thrift another thrift store I found a vintage aqua polka dotted crib sheet and a yellow vintage baby quilt with pink and aqua lambs at yet another thrift store. They coordinate so nicely together. I also have been collecting some vintage lamb planters. Those are so darling. I found a pink wicker doll bed with lamb decal and that is holding my diaper and wipes in the crib. I still have a vintage baby scale somewhere in my garage that I need to dig out and display. I'm doing what I can...but it still seems pretty plain to me.


  1. I love it! Those little lamb planters are so adorable....I bet you can't wait til he arrives....

  2. So pretty! How does a shabby chic mom of so many boys keep everything pink and white? I have 3 boys and it sure is a challenge!

  3. lots and lots of laundry...and it's not always clean...I just have to learn to live with messes sometimes and realize someday it will be clean when they're gone...just enjoy them for now...

  4. hey rachel....
    that mcKale does not know how lucky he has it!! that bedding is way sweet. i can't believe you found it!!!
    i have some lamb planters and statues in zoey's room too. they are adorable. i agree.
    hang in there......

  5. Hi Rachel..

    I just discovered your blog while blog hopping this weekend. I too am a lover of shabby chic and cottage style so it's nice to meet another lady who loves the same things I do. Your baby's room looks adorable and I love the darling little lamb planters. I'm single with no children of my own, but have recently started to collect "Baby" planters myself as they are so cute. I've done a few posts on them over the past month. Come on over for a visit and check them out. I look forward to coming back to your blog for more visits in the future and getting to know you better.

    Take care..


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