Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some shabby cottage photos of my house

Hey everyone...hope you're having a good week. I've been busy with many projects. Of course there is my kitten project I'm working on. I haven't been very faithful, so I have to get moving this weekend to get done. I've been doing some painting projects (furniture) because I'm going to do an upcoming flea market in April. I've also been major cleaning the last two days...(I think I'm starting the nesting mode for baby). Of course I've had to fit a little junkin' in. I haven't found much...can't wait for garage sales!
I just wanted to share a few pictures of my shabby cottage house since it's clean...ok somewhat. I hope it inspires you to let spring take over your house. (I need to go get some fresh flowers...I'm in that kind of mood!)
Have a great week and count your blessings!


  1. Your Cottage Home is lovely!! I have a hamper just like the one you have!!!! I keep my Vintage Kitchen Linens in it because everything runneth over with linens here... LOL!!!!
    Have a Wonderful Evening!!

  2. your house looks great....I need to spring clean too!

  3. cute photos rachel! your house is adorable. LOVE your hampers!!! thanks for sharing =)

  4. how does it stay that clean???? oh rachel. i'm ashamed of my house these days. it's a housewreck.
    i love your wood floors. i'm jealous. i also love everything else too. it's adorable and i want to come stay ... except my kids would destroy everything.
    hope you have a restful weekend....
    take care,

  5. know it doesn't stay clean! Enlarge the picture of the couch and see the basket of laundry that no one puts away. It's only been sitting there for 3 months. It's mostly my linens, but I'm too lazy to put them away!

  6. Rachel - love your cottage style - mine is very similar! Love the hampers and your quilts. Take care, and don't worry about the laundry basket!! :)

  7. Looks awesome Rachel! And I love the cat idea; I'm sure you'll have them all whipped up in no time! I can't believe you sew by hand! That's impressive!

  8. Rachel,

    Love your cottage! But how do the males in your home take to all the flowers and lace. Do they mind?

  9. They live with husband said he doesn't care...I just can't paint any walls pink! They know that I'm the one home all the it needs to be a place where I can thrive. They have their man-cave in the basement anyways!

  10. you have a beautiful cottage thank you for sharing it with us

  11. Looks like alot of love goes into your decorating!